Case Study

EPOCOAT FC - Aljomitri Corporation (Commercial Concrete Stairs, Manila)

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Epoxy floor coating for stairs?

In this project, Aljomitri Corporation used Buildrite EPOCOAT FC on the concrete stairs of an apartment building in Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila. They just installed stair nosings to prevent slippage and make it safer.

Instead of using tiles, the owner decided to use an epoxy floor coating because it is easier to apply and maintain, durable, and clean-looking. As you can see, a light gray stair looks sleek and professional.

Epocoat FC is a two-component, polyamide-cured, epoxy-based floor coating. The cured film forms an easy-to-clean, impervious, hard but flexible coating with excellent adhesion to concrete, steel, and wooden surfaces.


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