Metal Guard Handy Oil



Metal Guard Handy Oil is a quality lead free, oil based, rust-resistant primer that is ideally used for metal surface.

Use On 

  • handyoil-bd-01Leisure. Lubricates and protects all types of sporting equipment including fishing feels and bikes.
  • handyoil-bd-03Household. Lubricates and protects many things around the house, locks, door hinges, a curtain tracks, searing machines and tools.
  • handyoil-bd-02Office. Can be used on the working mechanisms of typewriters, printers, photocopiers and various other office equipments. It also stops door hinges, swivel chairs and drawers from squeaking.
  • handyoil-bd-04Industrial. Lubricates and protects light duty mechanics.

Available sizes

  • 120mL