Maxweld CI 55N

Maxweld CI 55N is a ferro-nickel alloy electrode for high strength joints on cast iron for cold welding of cast iron. Best suited for nodular cast iron and with excellent bonding even on difficult to weld cast iron...

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Maxweld MS-6011 Mild Steel Electrode

Maxweld MS-6011 Mild Steel Electrode is a very forceful deep penetrating arc ideally suitable for vertical downward butt joint welding of pipes. Thin brittle slag which is easily removable.

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Maxweld CI 99N

Maxweld CI 99N is an all position cast iron electrode employing a pure nickel wire giving weld that is free from hard zones, cracks and porosities.

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Maxweld SS-308L

Maxweld SS-308L Stainless Steel Electrode can easily weld in all positions without spattering; finely rippled bead and self-detachable slag. Its deposition rate and efficiency (112%) is higher than most other brands in its class.

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Maxweld MS-6012 Mild Steel Electrode

Maxweld MS-6012 Mild Steel Electrode is a thin coated electrode for welding of structural steels in general fabrication and repair work. Ease of welding in all positions featuring exceptional performance in overhead and vertical top to bottom.

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Maxweld MS-6013

Maxweld MS-6013 is a medium coated rutile electrode designed for shop work and general fabrication. It is remarkably easy to manipulate in all positions with a soft stable arc and minimum spatter loss.

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