Max Bond HD Heavy Duty Packaging / Duct Tape


Max Bond HD Heavy Duty Packaging / Duct Tape is a high strength, premium quality polyethylene (PE) coated cloth duct tape coated with an aggressive rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. A versatile, high-performing product, it can be applied easily, will not curl when unwound and conforms well to irregular surfaces, providing superior performance and durability over a wide range of conditions. It is HAND TEARABLE (cutting tools not required).



duct-tape-bd-01 duct-tape-bd-02

  • Can be used for marking, sending, packaging, bundling and other general purpose applications.
  • Designed for the reinforced protection of various pipes and objects.

Available Sizes

  • 0.13mm x 48mm x 10m
  • 0.13mm x 48mm x 20m