Max Bond All Purpose Packaging Tape


Max Bond All Purpose Packaging Tape is a general purpose tape made of embossed vinyl backing coated with a rubber adhesive, which sticks well to many substrates and conforms well to irregular surfaces. It is less prone to leave adhesive residue (NO MESS) compared to conventional duct tapes, which allows minimal clean up. It is HAND TEARABLE, (cutting tools not required) and tape tears evenly across web. Excellent water and abrasion resistance.


Features & Benefits

  • packaging-tape-ft-02No adhesive residue after use
  • packaging-tape-ft-03Water resistant
  • packaging-tape-ft-04Elastic


ap-packaging-bd-01 ap-packaging-bd-02

  • Sealing and protecting surfaces and openings from dust, dirt and moisture.
  • Protection from abrasion, temporary repairs and general maintenance activities.
  • Used as a quality waterproof packaging tape for export shipments; and for color coding.

Available Sizes

  • 0.13mm x 48mm x 10m
  • 0.13mm x 48mm x 20m