For over 50 years, SINCLAIR Paints has brought with it a legacy of premium quality and durability. Seasoned architects, designers and painting professionals know that Sinclair is synonymous to quality. We kept this legacy of quality in every can of paint and made it the best alternative brand that building and home owners need in the 21st century.

Modern day building and homeowners invest much of the paints for beauty and protection. Many paint brands in the market could not keep the quality because consumers want lower prices.

Painting professionals are the best judge of what paint is best. They look at hiding power, adhesion, durability and other critical qualities of the paint. They check the amount of time and labor that is needed to achieve the required finish.

SINCLAIR understands the need of architects, painting contractors building and homeowners.


  • Higher solid content. Compared to other brands, SINCLAIR Paints contain higher solids which mean more quality paint for every can...for every brush of paint. This means more protection to the structure and savings for owners
  • Excellent adhesion. SINCLAIR latex and Oil-Based Paints have excellent flexibility and toughness to ensure 100% adhesion and durability over time.
  • Fast drying. Drying time is comparable and even better than other brands. This means savings in labor cost.
  • Outstanding durability. SINCLAIR Paints provide excellent weathering resistance and good gloss retention which means less repainting jobs over a period of time for building and home owners. SINCLAIR Latex paints are resistant to mildew. Mildews are that black spot formation on paints exposed to water or moisture.
  • Excellent hiding power. SINCLAIR Paints have excellent and better hiding power with its high solid content. The required durability and toughness can be achieved with fewer coats. This is savings for consumers.
  • Environmentally safe.SINCLAIR Latex Paints do not have lead or mercury containing ingredients. They have minimal odor and are non-flammable.

Tips in Choosing the Right Paint Finish

In any painting project, the type of finish takes some time in the decision-making process. Some basic considerations are followed by many professionals:

Flat – This finish softens the look of the exterior and helps hide surface blemishes. Flat finishes are ideal for body siding.

Semi Gloss – With its slight gloss, this finish offers the benefit of a flat finish with added cleanability. It works best for:

  • Trim
  • Window Frames
  • Shutters
  • Surfaces that need routine cleaning

Gloss – This lustrous, durable finish is perfect for areas that require frequent cleaning. Gloss finishes, however, may accentuate surface imperfections. This finish is ideal for:

  • Doors
  • Garage doors
  • Decorative metals (lamp post, metal trim)
  • Functional metal (gutters, downspouts, railings)
  • Accent trim

Building and homeowners are exposed to a wide range of paint brands. Choosing a paint brand could mean real savings over a period of time. Beauty and protection can be achieved wisely.

SINCLAIR vs Leading Brands