MAX BOND All Purpose Epoxy


MAX BOND All Purpose Epoxy is a two component epoxy system made of high grade epoxy resin and polyamide curing agents to ensure superior quality bonding applications. The cured epoxy exhibits outstanding adhesive strength, mending capabilities with excellent impact and mechanical strength. It has excellent resistance against acids, alkalis, oils and salt water.

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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent bond to a wide variety of substrates.
  • Resistance to acids, alkalis and salt water.
  • Excellent impact and mechanical strength.

Areas of Application


The product is developed for general use. It bonds to steel, wood, fiberglass, mosaic and tiles, glass, road studs and concrete. It fills hollows, voids and holes in concrete floors; sealing, caulking and construction of metal vessels, tankers and wooden boats.

How to Use

Surface Preparation

All surfaces to be bonded must be dry, firm, and free of oil, grease, rust, dust and other contaminants. All laitance should be removed mechanically. The use of compressed air is highly recommended for cleaning the dowel holes in order to obtain a clean and structurally sound surface.


Mix very well equal amount of Part A: adhesive and Part B: hardener until a uniform color is attained. Prepare enough amount to be used within the pot life of the product.


Using spatula or putty knife, apply to the properly prepared surface. Remove excess materials before it cures. Allow 24 hours curing time before the applied product is subject to stress.

Cleaning of Tools

Tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately with Epoxy Reducer after use to remove excess resin and hardener. Cured epoxy can only be removed by mechanical grinding.

Physical Properties

  • Mix ratio: 1 part by volume of Part A: adhesive; 1 part by volume of Part B: hardener
  • Pot Life: 90 minutes
  • Initial cure time: 8 hours
  • Full cure time: 24 hours
  • % non-volatile: 100%
  • Abrasion resistance: excellent
  • Chemical resistance: Highly resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents, oil, salts
  • Adhesion: excellent
  • Impact: excellent
  • Shelf Life: minimum of 2 years under normal conditions

Health and Safety

  • Wear rubber or plastic gloves to avoid contact with skin. Use soap and water to remove the mixture from hands. Do not use strong solvents to remove mixture from skin.
  • MAX BOND All Purpose Epoxy is nonflammable. 

Available Sizes

  • 1/4L
  • 1/2L
  • 1L
  • 1gallon