Buildrite Academy FAQ's


  • The painting on the walls showed bubbles and sometimes would peel off what is the cause of this problem?
    There is significant moisture on the walls, skimcoat application instruction was not followed.

  • After 28 days of the concrete, the surface exhibits cracks and blistering what is the main reason for this problem? Is water enough to cure concrete specially when there is heat of hydration?
    Water is not enough to cure concrete rather addition of water will make the concrete weak especially on the surface. The right concrete curing compound would answer this problem.

  • I always experience stain on the concrete finish do you think the form oil have something to do with it?
    If you are using used oil for your forms, it will definitely affect your concrete finish.

  • Is it advisable to use a bonding agent when I want to repair honeycomb on the surface of the concrete?
    Yes because using a bonding agent will make the concrete monolithic again for old to new concrete.

  • When is the best time to apply waterproofing?
    Waterproofing is best applied during the afternoon or early morning.

  • Which is better, water based or solvent based items?
    Water based products is better than solvent because water based products retain their thickness when it dries up. Where as solvent based product there is a difference between the wet film thickness and the dry film thickness.

  • Is there a single waterproofing material that can be used for all parts of a bldg.?
    There should be a specific product for different waterproofing application. This will minimize error and failure of waterproofing because specific areas have different characteristics..