Magna Prime Launches Buildrite Academy

In its pursuit to create a learned majority among construction professionals, Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. recently launched its training arm --- Buildrite Academy.

Buildrite Academy’s sole mission is to train members of the construction industry, the Science behind various aspects of construction that includes waterproofing, finishing, industrial flooring, protective coatings, sealants & adhesives and concrete solutions among others.Buildrite Academy offers a 2-day program that includes classroom and hands-on training. It is conducted for free to all interested parties including private construction companies and industry organizations. The program is a total training package beneficial to contractors, architects, engineers, foreman, painters, and technical workers in construction. The program will be conducted by modules and will be utilizing construction experts as trainers.

Benefits to Participants
Upon graduation from Buildrite Academy, participants’ knowledge of construction chemicals and its application will be advanced and scientific as compared to just practical knowledge. Management level construction professionals will be able to manage projects with more precise forecasts in terms of timeline and budget while the construction workers will be equipped with the knowledge of proper application, storage as well as safety practices.

First in the Market
“Buildrite Academy doubles as Magna Prime’s corporate social responsibility project. Apart from creating knowledgeable users of construction chemicals, we are also aiming to help the Filipino construction worker to develop their skills scientifically”, says Derrick Tan, CEO of Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. He adds, “It is our ultimate vision to see Filipino construction workers’ lives be improved by way of adding value to their skills. They may be less educated but they can be experts in what they are doing. This way, their lives will improve and Buildrite Academy will be an instrument in creating an opportunity for them to elevate their livelihood”.

Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. is the company behind Buildrite Construction Chemicals that markets innovative solutions to construction challenges. For interested parties, you may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for schedules. Buildrite Academy is located at No. 143-B Saint Dominic St., ITC Compound, Bagbaguin, Valenzuela City.